Join the Smelne Club!

The Smelne Club organizes inter alia pleasant sailing day’s trips. Can you imagine: a long ribbon Smelne yachts on the waters, anywhere in Europe? In addition, members can exchange experiences and information, whereby anyone has even more fun on the water with his own Smelne.

We hope that many Smelne sailors join the club. For more information about the Smelne Club please contact the secretary of the Club. The address is below.

Membership registration

Please download the application form at the bottom of the page. After you have completed and signed it, please return to:

Secretariat Smelne Club

Stelmakerij 37

NL-9932 GK Delfzijl

tel.nr. 0031 (0)596-629683


Membership registration

Najaarstocht Smelne Club