Smelne Club

About the SmelneClub

The Smelne Club consists of 80 members and their partners. In total a club of 160 enthusiastic Smelne yacht owners, who want to stimulate the pleasure of sailing with a Smelne yacht “in a broad sense”. The Club was founded in 2004.

Why become a member?

Especially the experiences shared amongst the Smelne club members and the willingness of teaching each other how to increase the pleasure of sailing with a Smelne yacht creates a bond. Annually the Smelne Club organizes tours with special destinations and knowledge-sharing meetings about technology and navigation. On tour, the safety of the participants comes first, but the social gathering aspect plays a major role as well.

Our Smelne Yachts

Both classical and modern lines, the spacious interior and excellent sailing features make the Smelne yachts a 2nd home. Smelne yacht owners are proud of their yacht and want to share this feeling which each other.

Interested in joining the Smelne Club?

Are you interested in the Smelne Club, do you want more information or become a member? Please contact us.

The Smelne Club committee

Arno van Asperen – chairman

Johan Michorius – secretary

Hans van Schijndel – treasurer

Günter Kellner – member representative

Meindert Klopstra – member