Refit & upgrading

Would you like to increase the sailing comfort of your motor yacht? For example, with a stern thruster or modern navigation equipment? Or would you like to bring your yacht cosmetically back to like-new condition? Are you thinking of a new teak deck or a newly painted motor yacht? Smelne Yachtcenter is the right address for all your refit needs. We make no concessions to quality, which is why we carry out all work under our own management at our own boatyard. So we – and therefore you – know for sure that they meet our quality standards.

Nothing is impossible!

Our team of mechanics, electricians, carpenters and upholsterers is highly skilled. Hundreds of yachts were given a makeover at our yard. Practically nothing is impossible at Smelne Yachtcenter.


Installation of a stabilization system on a Smelne Vlet 42 SD

The owner of a Smelne Vlet 42 SD wants, partly due to the expansion of his sailing area, more comfort on board when sailing under extreme conditions.

The MagnusMaster offers this comfort for sailing on both inland waterways and offshore. The rotor system reduces the movement of the ship to practically zero, especially in sideways wave action and in severe conditions.

Would you like more information about a stabilization system? Then do not hesitate to contact us.


Installation of a generator and air conditioning

In an exsisting motor yacht have our craftsmen installed a generator and air conditioning. The owner will be sailing the Mediterranean. Therefor these installations are a welcome upgrade for that.

To install everything as invisibly as possible, working with all disciplines at one address is of great value. For example, we use our own mechanic, carpenter and painter. As a result, the high-quality finish can be realized relatively easily.


Refit Smelne Cruiser 15.50S

The owner of a cruiser Smelne 15.50S wanted to make long sea voyages with his ship. The ship had one engine. Smelne investigated the possibility of an auxiliary engine. Te owner chose a Volvo Penta 55hp sail drive which was placed next to the main engine.

During the trial run the auxiliary engine to provided a speed of 6 knots. The owner is now sailing with confidence to Scandinavia.


Folding windscreen Haines 400

The owner of the Haines 400 Continental has a number of custom adjustments made by our shipyard. For example, the windsreen is made foldable and we provide the Haines with davits. A major operation on an existing motor yacht with a fixed windscreen. But our specialist can do it!


Realization of a transom door and bathing platform

This Vripack did not fully meet the wishes of the new owner. They wanted a transom door and a bathing platform. And not just any bathing platform but a platform with a fish bun. The owner is a big fan of fishing in the waters around Berlin. And so he got exactly what he wanted.

That is the advantage and added value of buying from Smelne; short lines with all specialties in-house!


Refit Moonen Cutter

The Moonen cutter was in such a state that a complete refit was needed. All teak decks, the steel front deck and the shafts with sleeves had to be renewed. Furthermore there is a new paint system applied, a modernized engine room, an updated wiring and the engines are partly overhauled.

After the refit the ship is in new condition. It is delivered to a very happy owner and sailed to Portsmouth at the English south coast.