Refit ensures value maintenance your’s boat value

You are fully satisfied with your boat, but there are certain features you would like to change? Perhaps the interior, a generator or a new teak deck? As the years go by, it might be necessary to give your boat a face-lift. We call this a refit. A refit is a good investment for the maintenance of your boat’s value. And it will increase your sailing pleasure!

Refit Smelne Cruiser 15.50S

The owner of a cruiser Smelne 15.50S wanted to make long sea voyages with his ship. The ship had one engine. Smelne investigated the possibility of an auxiliary engine. Te owner chose a Volvo Penta 55hp sail drive which was placed next to the main engine.

During the trial run the auxiliary engine to provided a speed of 6 knots. The owner is now sailing with confidence to Scandinavia.

Refit Moonen Cutter

The Moonen cutter was in such a state that a complete refit was needed. All teak decks, the steel front deck and the shafts with sleeves had to be renewed. Furthermore there is a new paint system applied, a modernized engine room, an updated wiring and the engines are partly overhauled.

After the refit the ship is in new condition. It is delivered to a very happy owner and sailed to Portsmouth at the English south coast.