Harald Paul

The search for a custom-built yacht lead Harald and Silvia Paul to Smelne, where they ordered a Smelne Vlet 1100 OC. The boat was destined for extended sea voyages under extreme circumstances. By now, Silvia and Harald Paul have made beautiful expeditions to Spitsbergen, Lapland, Canada, Finland and the British Isles.

Intrigued in this enterprising couple and their adventurous expeditions? Read all about it on their website.

Custom-built Smelne Vlet 1100 OC

The “Gypsy Life” of Harald and Silva was fitted with some unusual characteristics. The boat has a draft of 1.70 m. Furthermore, the keel provides for an extra diesel tank of 660 liters. This resulted in a total displacement of 18 tonnes, which makes the boat suitable for extreme sea voyages.

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Expedition Danube – Alaska 2013/2016 

Expedition wilderness of Karelia-Saimaa 2012

Expedition Canada 2009/2010

Expedition Ice 2008

Expedition Lapland 2007

Expedition British Islands 2006