Expedition Ice 2008

Expedition Ice 2008 is the title for an exceptional expedition in the direction of Spitsbergen which will take place this year. Exceptional because the 7,000 seamiles – 12,964 kilometres will be realised with an only 12 metre long and 4 metre broad steel motorship in about 9 months.

The journey will start on 20 March 2008 at 9.00am in Drachten, Holland, the place of birth of the ship (Smelne Yachts bv). From here to Danmark over the Skagerrak to Norway, in the direction of starting point Tromsö to cross from over there the Barentzsea to Spitsbergen.

From north-west Spitsbergen is the journey, depending of the icesituation, alongside the icepackage planned to Greenland. Alongside the cost of Greenland to the south in the direction of Iceland, alongside Føroyar, Shetlandislands and Orkney. From Scottland over the Northsea in de direction of Holland where this expedition ends again.

The goal of this expedition is a direct, practically oriented and for everyone understandable report about the real measure of the ice melting. The question will be answered if the melting of the ice is caused by the naturecyclus or by the influence of the environment. Therefore the far outlying searchstations and the original inhabits will be visited so that the reports with Harald’s Paul own experiences will give the real situation.

This adventurous trip will be reported in the Dutch magazine „Yachtvision“ including pictures.

You can reach Harald Paul on tel.no 0031 (0)6-23460688. It is also possible to reach him during this expedition on his sateliteno. 008816/41432846.