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Vedette 12.30 Cabin Comfort Line

Sporty lined convertible motor yacht which is characterized by its appearance and excellent sailing characteristics.

The deck and gangways are spacious and well walkable and equipped with safe stainless steel railing all around. From the gangways you have access to the open cockpit via the integrated winding stairs and transom door. The open cockpit is sheltered by a divisible convertible top and features fixed cockpit benches with plenty of storage space (even folding bicycles have been thought of!). The clear steering position with complete instrumentation is located on starboard and next to it on port side is a passenger seat placed.

From the open cockpit you have access to the cabin. The cabin is divided with fully equipped kitchen with a U-shaped sofa opposite. There is also a guest cabin with a single bed, two toilets and the owner's cabin with a freestanding bed and ensuite shower. All space on board is optimally utilized as closet and/or storage space.

This Vedette 1230 Cabin Comfort Line is, in addition to the already very complete specification list, additionally equipped with; Easycabrio system, window dewaxing on windshield, electric ironing mast, indirect ambient lighting in the cabin, AEG washing/drying combination, central vacuum system in cabin, Corean worktops, Victron BMV-712 Smart battery monitor and TV in cabin + bedrooms.




12.30 Cabin Comfort Line






12.95 m x 4.25 m x 1.10 m


2x Nanni, N4.80, 80 hp


In sales harbour/showroom