Danish Rose 1120 AC

Beautiful model spitsgatkotter with a solid interior in perfect condition!

Good walkable gangways with stainless steel railing around. Midshipped steering position on aft deck and large storage space in front deck.

The interior is finished in mahogany with solid moldings. Salon with sofa, cupboard space and steering position. Front ship divided with galley, large round seat (convertible to double bed) and
bathroom with toilet and shower. Aft cabin equipped with 2x 1 person bed in V-shape.

Machine room is clear, clean and finished with tear plate.

The ship is well maintained, from the first owner, original drawings present.

: 1120 AK
Construction year
: 1998
: 11,20 m
: 3,65 m
: 1,05 m
: Lister Petter, 80 pk