New motor yachts

We build cruisers, vlets, trawlers and semi-displacement boats from 10 to 15 metres in length.

Smelne Kruiser

A modern, timeless yacht, completely built to your wishes. You can chose between a version with aft cabin or open cockpit and you can specify your preference for the interior, colours and lay out. Available between 10 to15 metresin length.

Smelne Vletten

Nostalgic, tough and sturdy ships, available from 10 to15 metres. Both as aft cabin as open cockpit models. The vlets with open cockpit and longer than12,85 metres have the saloon, steering position, kitchen and aft deck all on one level.

Smelne Custom Built

A household word in the Dutch yacht building
Smelne has built many new ships which have been designed by their owners. They were impressed with our production method, and the high level of quality throughout our ships. With expertise and a wealth of experience we understand how to build a ship of your dreams and wishes. In consideration it is possible to meet almost all your wishes. That’s the way we build your Smelne yacht exclusively for you.

We will involve your during the building
It is clear that there is a intensive cooperation between owner and shipyard in building a custom built yacht. We discuss process, interior layout and colour scheme.

Custom Built expensive? Not always!
Through our production method each delivered yacht is unique. We don’t have stock of pre-made modules. The interior is custom made after the ship arrives in the interior hall. Therefore, among other things, our Smelne Custom Built yachts not automatically more expensive.


Covered sales harbor

See our Smelne Marina

Overdekte haven Smelne Marina (Large)

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